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How QR Codes Ignites your Business Sales?

Quick Response codes are getting popular because, as the name suggests, they are meant for quick decoding. Originally, they were developed by a Japanese company, Denso Wave to be used in the auto industry for tracking parts. As time passed by, other organizations saw potential benefits of QR codes for boosting their business.

A mobile phone that has a camera along with special decoding software can read the data in the QR code and initiate whatever action, that is being encoded there. A customer is able to scan this QR code that will permit him to store the information to be used in future. Another amazing feature about QR codes is that they connect several types of marketing strategies together.

QR Codes for the Promotion of your Business

You can promote and build your customer-base by offering valuable service to your visitors. For instance, a restaurant can place QR codes on their menu cards, and users can scan them for nutritional information about the dishes. Similarly, Nestlé has initiated barcodes that can easily be scanned by smartphone users for making nutritional and product lifecycle information accessible to users at all times. Nestle plans to do the same across its products in the currently established and emerging markets, to make people more aware of their choices and preferences

QR Codes for Retail

qecode retail app
There are countless ways retailers can use QR codes to benefit both their business and customers. Some of these are to announce new arrivals, offer coupons, provide comparison services in other stores, and above all direct online shopping. As discussed above, QR codes can be used as a marketing tool but it also has the potential to boost customer service. If QR code scanners are connected to a store’s inventory, prompt and updated information about the quantity, size, and color of the scanned product is easily accessible. Every time a user scans a product, it is stored in his phone’s internal memory and in his QR app history. This facilitates the QR code app to suggest relevant products matching with the scanned history. When the same consumer scans for a particular product multiple times, then retailers have the opportunity to advertise other products related to that particular item through suggestions and recommendations.

Utilize QR Codes to get your Business App Developed

Whether you are a restaurant owner, or a retailer, you can make the best out of QR codes by getting a particular app developed for your own business to broaden your business ventures. For instance, Wizpay, an app designed by Social Cubix, for closing shopping deals with just a single click. The WizPay™ app helps retailers with an extremely convenient merchant service by signing up, whereas, users enjoy the liberty to shop with a virtual wallet. The app has revolutionized the overall conventional buying and selling procedure. Users enjoy shopping through their phones and retailers are satisfied with direct and secure payments via PayPal.

Other Noteworthy Uses of QR Codes

QR codes can be on business cards or even vehicle decals. The QR code enables your prospects and associates to scan your business card for conveniently adding you to their contacts. Some popular uses of QR codes for any business are:

  • Incorporate QR codes in your print advertising for directing prospects to your service videos or landing pages. This can be a beneficial way to follow how much traffic is coming through your print efforts.
  • Tailor a campaign to boost your social following. With a QR code that instantly connects to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page on print material or even your email signature can solidify your social presence.
  • Employ QR codes for company events. When a QR code is placed within an event ticket, you can link it to a Google map, or an RSVP page for convenience.

The key benefit of the QR code technology lies in its versatility. QR codes are extremely beneficial for both consumers and companies. They are currently being used by businesses worldwide for superior customer support and excellence in business operations.

How do you think QR technology can further help to boost sales in future? Share your thoughts in the comments section or get in touch with us to explore potential benefits of QR codes for your business.

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