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How to Hire The Perfect App Developer?

What is it that categorizes app developers into exceptional and mediocre? The answers may be too many. However, what truly makes app developers stand apart from the crowd is their technological expertise coupled with a passion to develop an app, which fully meets the client’s requirement.

Such developers take pride in their commitment to create results, which are beyond the client’s expectations. Typically, good app developers possess the following traits.

A Credible Portfolio:

app portfolio
Whether you’re hiring an individual or a company, it is essential to validate the credibility of your app developers. How much time have they invested in the app development process? Many years or just months? Don’t let them fool you with non-existent clients and figures. It is your right to request the developer’s portfolio so you can have an idea about how he has established a reliable identity in the app development industry. Often, clients request their developers to provide the contact details of past customers’ for feedback purposes.

Judge their Problem Solving Approach:

Problem Solving Approach
Believing that successful app developers never have a problem is a misconception. At the end of the day, an app developer who has the best problem solving approach turns out to be a more successful developer. Even if you are not asking him for past clients, make sure you dig up enough information about a project, which allowed him to brainstorm different ideas. Ask how the developer eventually came up with a solution. It will allow you to analyze his problem solving skills and compare his approach with other developers to make a wise decision.

Economical or Expensive?

cheap vs expensive mobile app developer
Interestingly, this factor does not rely solely on your developer. The nature of your app plays a huge part in deciding how much money will be involved in the app development process. A basic app would start roughly from around $15,000 to anywhere depending upon the complexity of your app. In addition, an amateur app developer may charge you less by the hour but it may be risky to consume your time and money on someone who’s not fully sure of what he’s doing. However, an expert app developer may bill you more by the hour but is sure to deliver exactly what you want and how you want it.

Tech Gurus + Poor Communicators = Mediocre App Developers:

Good App Developers
Often times, app developers excel at what they do but pay little or no attention to how well or often they should communicate with their clients. Such developers can initiate a project but fail to bridge communication channels. This can irritate the involved party who may be keen to know what is happening with the app development project especially if it concerns a complex or a detailed app. Make sure the app developer you hire knows how to get those little details out of you and regularly updates you of the process. There are many communication mediums to ensure that you have an un-interrupted flow of updates from your hired app developer.

Comfortable with NDA:

Many clients hesitate to share their app ideas with prospective developers who are reluctant to sign up for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). It is essential to note that an NDA will protect your intellectual property meaning your idea will not be stolen by anyone before it is being implemented. An app developer with an impressive portfolio but ignoring your requests to agree on an NDA means there is a credibility loophole attached. Think twice before hiring such an app developer.

These are some of the factors, which must be considered before hiring the right app developers for your development projects. Make sure you take care of the above mentioned factors for a hassle free app development journey.

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