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Run Your Business from Your Smartphone

Anxious about your business till you reach office?

Well wait no more as we equip you to take control of your business from your smartphone. Download the following helpful apps to manage your business right at your finger tips.

With Ever note, Saasu and a few other listed applications, certain businesses can be run entirely on your Smartphone. From sending emails to managing ideas, customer relationships and keeping a track on client connectivity and website analysis, wherever you go, your business follows.

So if you have a small business that you need to check up on these should be downloaded on your Smartphone right away. Smartphone apps for business

To Do

If making to do lists is on a top priority for you and motivates you to organize your tasks then this app takes care of that. From setting reminders, attaching contacts from your phone or adding detailed notes. This app keeps you super efficient focused and helps you take care of your tasks by receiving alerts from your reminders and ensuring you actually get to check all your to do tasks.


Multi platform app like Evernote is brilliant when it comes to storing ideas and organizing emails and websites. This can be an ideal tool to brainstorm ideas and share them with your co-workers on the go. With business notebook features this app has scored over 166 million dollars in funding and is the ultimate inspiration storage tool you can download for almost all platforms, be it PC, Mac, iOS or Android etc.

PayPal and Money Center Smartphone Apps

Imagine the freedom you can have when you can swipe a credit card from your smart phone. Yes, luckily many major banks and paypal allows just that with advance Smartphone apps. Now with your phone you can literally stay mobile anywhere.


The above apps may help your small businesses but here we give you an app by the name of Vandrio that can create a custom smart phone app for your business. This not only enables you to connect with your clients wherever they are but this is incredibly easy on your pocket.

Technology these days are not only defining your lifestyle but also changing the environment for your working pattern. Isn’t it a load off to realize that smart phones are your new office desktops where you can stay connected wherever you go! Who wouldn’t want to work smart with your phones, these apps sure make handling of small businesses more fun and efficient.

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