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The Rise of Social Casino Games

The market for social casino games is soaring new heights. Already being labeled as the fastest growing game genres on social networks in 2013, and with expected collective profits of $2.9 billion, the market is booming globally.

In this context, we also observe that seven of the top game makers earned more profits on the App Store than Google Play. Looking at the image below, we see that Big Fish Games generated 84% of its whole revenue on the App Store while there is a tie for the largest total revenue share on Google Play at 43% between Williams Interactive and Buffalo Studios.

Mobile Casino Game

More and more such mobile games are emerging into the market by these publishers. Let’s analyze some of the most popular social casino games famous for their social engagement and creativity.

Poker – Texas Holdem

Zynga Casino Game
Zynga is a renowned company that is famous for designing several games on diverse platforms. We have witnessed many successful Facebook apps and games being launched by Zynga such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and now Poker – Texas Holdem that allows you to play against real people. While your facebook friends can present you with valuable chips, swift and smooth rounds ensure a fast-paced game that doesn’t have a single dull moment to slow you down. What’s remarkable about Poker – Texas Holdem is its ability to offer a thrilling game of online poker with eye catching graphics and experiences of intense emotions.

Roulette 3D

3d roullete game on mobile
Owing to the sheer charm and fascination of the iPad Roulette wheel, you will feel that you are in a real Vegas casino, only online. You have the liberty to opt either American, French or European roulettes depending upon your own mood and on any of your favorite devices be it your iPad or iPhone. Roulette 3D has already won hearts of both Apple and its users. With unique animation, professional dealers comment on each move throughout the game providing guidance. The animation allows the table to be viewed from several angles making the experience even more interesting.

Slots Social Casino

Social Casino Game
Are you looking for a fresh and exciting game of casino? Developed and published by Playport, this game may just be what you’re looking for. If it’s your first time playing the game you can log in as a guest or activate your own account. Free to Android users, the game offers various types of poker and slots games not involving any real money, but just for an enjoyable game. With attractive graphics and the kind of social engagement it offers, the player can enjoy a superb game while also invite his friends on social networking sites to make new game pals.

All Kings Poker

All Kings Poker
Another creative and socially engaging game, All Kings Poker, quickly grasps the player’s attention with its slick design and soothing colored layout. The game panel is intuitive and extremely user friendly. Tutorials guide you how to play and like all Poker games, it is about winning as many chips as you can. Pick your table and invite your friends to play an exciting game of poker. One of the best Poker games online for active social engagement and never-ending fun.

A Multibillion-Dollar Market

It comes as no surprise that social casino games are currently one of the most profitable divisions in mobile games. The industry is booming and, and the social engagement these games offer by exchanging virtual goods or money is more popular than ever.

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