Boot Greedy Bob

Boot Greedy Bob is an exciting game of shoe throwing on the rich but ever greedy Bob who has stolen many people’s money by fraudulent means. But now it’s payback time for Bob. Throw as many shoes as you can while he hides behind beautiful ladies to save himself.


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These are the weapons for Bob’s destruction. Choose from a selection of creatively designed trendy shoes which include your standard shoe, gents chappal, big boot, cowboy style boot or ladies sandal.
Game Asset Design
Game Asset Design
Game Asset Design
Game Asset Design
Game Asset Design
Game Asset Design
Game Splash Screen
Boot Greedy Bob is an addictive game to boot Bob, the meanest banker of all time, whose greed has stolen the poor’s money. Avenge him by throwing shoes at him to vent out your anger. Each time you successfully hit the greedy banker, you gain points which convert into coins.
Social Cubix has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop – the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar.Jeff Kemp, Senior Project Manager
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