Social Cubix is proud to present an impressive platform that lets indie producers put their work on display for avid movie lovers to view and appreciate, make recommendations and cast votes as well as get funding from investors.
Platform For Movie Makers

A Platform for Moviemakers, Movie Lovers and Investors Alike

This multi-faceted movie platform was developed for producers who are looking to better their scripts and make it known. After a script becomes popular or highly recommended, investors are more than willing to invest, knowing with confidence that their investment is well-protected and worthwhile.

Detailed Project Listing

View detailed scripts and a complete list of the cast – the general user gets to choose which script or cast member stays, which one goes. Each project attracts thousands of movie fans who approve or disapprove of a particular script. As a producer, you know exactly what sells and does well in the masses. Attract more big-time investors.
Project Listing
Analysis Tool

A Comprehensive Project Analysis Tool

The app was designed specifically to gather data from current movie-going trends, asking movie lovers to cast votes on a specific script and cast – and why wouldn’t they? Movie lovers earn virtual currency for viewing your material and make pledges to vote for a particular script; they get to enjoy free movie tickets. Compare all acquired data with past movies and how they acquired their successes, all the while reeling in investors to fund you through it all.

Giving Gargantuan Exposure to Movie Producers

The idea really sticks, thanks to our platform, which could not have been possible without the expertise of our esteemed and highly talented developers. Share and discuss your projects on Faceboook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social media platforms; iMogul is guaranteed to bring relatively unknown movie producers into the spotlight, giving their movie projects exposure, ratings and recommendations, as well as funding.
Exposure to Movie Producers
I have truly enjoyed working with the team at Social Cubix. They didn't just provide a service. They worked in tandem with me to make my apps the best they could possibly be. They didn’t just give me what I asked for - they worked to improve my design in countless ways. The result was beautifully designed, simple, and elegant – just what I was hoping for, only better. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again and hope to in the future! Julie Routzahn, Chakela Solutions LLC
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