Mario Italiano

A fast-paced thrilling mob game to defeat nasty bosses and take over cities.
Mario Itliano iPhone Game

Players start or join a mob to avenge rival mobs and move their way up the ranks.

With inventive ways to let players survive their battle with ammo, liquor, card packs and capitol credit, Mario Italiano is an elating mob-based game with an intuitive UI and stellar graphics guaranteeing a high adrenaline rush.
Mario Itliano iPhone Game
I have truly enjoyed working with the team at Social Cubix. They didn't just provide a service. They worked in tandem with me to make my apps the best they could possibly be. They didn’t just give me what I asked for - they worked to improve my design in countless ways. The result was beautifully designed, simple, and elegant – just what I was hoping for, only better. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again and hope to in the future! Julie Routzahn, Chakela Solutions LLC
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